At Land Development.Com, we thrive in creating flourishing communities in a beautiful environment. With our main focus to develop land, we also pride ourselves in conserving thousands of acres of wildlife.


Our Mission



With over 15 thousand acres of farmland and timberland, we are happy to support the Conservation Easement program


Tennessee Property

From the precious country landscapes to the new ever expanding communities, Tennessee property is ever increasing in value



Land Development.Com is proud to grow acre by acre across the great state of Tennessee


Ardavan Afrahkteh

Ardavan is a true American Success story. In 1983 he joined his brother in Middle Tennessee. His pioneering spirited manifested into full time employment in only two days. Finding a way passed the difficult language barrier, Ardavan successfully worked his way through a job, and college to receive an engineering degree from the University of Tennessee. Motivated by his fathers success and passion for hard work from a young age, Ardavan's entrepenurer spirit has only grown with his accomplishments.


Ardavan's acumen in real estate has helped him complete his ever evolving checklist of real estate goals and accomplishments. He serves as the President of his family owned company, Land Development.Com, Inc. and it's surrounding entities. His diverse real estate transactions have led to estate deals with corporations such as Monsanto Chemicals, Gaylord Entertainment, Vanderbilt University, Rogers group, NVR Home Builders, and others. In addition, he is involved in the management of thousands of acres of timberland, natural minerals, and land conservation's in Tennessee. This has shown to be his true passion has his acquisition of Monsanto has resulted in the creation of productive farmland after it was deemed "unusable". The key is timing and patience, " Seeing the worth of something before it has yet to be realized."

Ardavan is an outdoors man, former soccer player, and culinary artist with Persian cuisine, family man , father of two, and an automobile enthusiast. While enjoying his free time, he admits his mind is always working on the next endeavor. Ardavan's favorite auto is the iconic Ferrari. "It exemplifies traits to which I aspire. Finish strong, stay relevant, make a mark on the world, and leave a legacy.